Saturday, April 13, 2024

We say STOP to climate changes

In the middle of February we were hosting teachers and students from Greece and France with whom we have been coopereting within the Erasmus+ project “Take Action for the Earth”.

A trip to Morskie Oko lake was supposed to be the first point of the program but, unfortunately because of bad weather conditions, it had to be cancelled. The alternative plan was a day with host families and it was used in 100%. Our guests got to know the attractions of the region. Some of them went to Niedzica, the others to Czorsztyn Reservoir, Zakopane or Wieliczka. The Polish families did their best to make that day unforgettable. In the evening we met at thermal baths Bania in Białka Tatrzańska.

On Monday we started the project work. We had a pleasure to meet our headmistress Marta Sokołowska who greeted the group and brought the history of our school closer to them. Next we were divided into smaller groups and had a chance to make various interesting experiments and observations. At the end of the day we participated in a lecture about the air quality in Poland and Nowy Targ in particular. It was led by Mrs Magdalena Cygan from “Nowotarski Alarm Smogowy” (Nowy Targ Smog Alarm) organisation.

On the next day we went to Kraków. The first point of this trip was a walk along the footsteps of smog, from the most polluted places up to the plaque commemorating those who died because of air contamination. Then we visited the Wielopolski Palace which is the headquarters of the Kraków authorities. Our guide was a vice-chairman of the City Council of Kraków Mr Artur Buszek. The lecturer talked about pro-ecological actions which helped to improve the quality of air in this city. There was also a walk around the Kraków Market Square and crossing the Royal Route (Trakt Królewski) up to the Wawel Hill.

On Wednesday the participants of the exchange could attend the lessons in our school. Then we played an ecological game “Fortitude” during which we had to take on roles of politicians and journalists taking part in the International Climate Summit in 2050. The aim of this game was to raise people’s awareness about the climate and to teach the students how to hold a substantive discussion about climate changes. Together with us there were the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Mr Wojciech Krauzowicz as well as the Climate Advisor Bartłomiej Zięba from the District Authority Office in Nowy Targ. The day was finished with a lecture by a forester Mr Krzysztof Przybyła about peat bogs and their meaning in Poland and the whole world.

On the last day our group went to Podhale Geothermy where we had an opportunity to learn something about its history, activities and plans for the future. After that we went to Zakopane where we visited the Educational Center of Tatrzański National Park. The last point of that trip was a farewell party in the regional restaurant “Góralsko Strawa”. Inevitalby, it was time to say goodbye and to come back home.

Summing up, it was a week full of unforgettable moments, learning and cultural exchange. We are convinced that it provided students with great memories, acquaintances and friendships. The project let us unleash our creativity, strengthen the awareness of climate changes and learn to work in an international team. Learning English played a crucial role in the whole project. Thanks to it we could master our language skills, one of many competencies we can develop thanks to Erasmus+ project.

The project is financed by the European Union

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