Thursday, July 18, 2024

The power of biodiversity in the fight against the climate change

Within the project Erasmus+ Take Action for the Earth we have decided to create environmentally-friendly space around the school. We were working being supervised by Mrs Katarzyna Słaboń, the owner of a company arranging green areas.

The classes started from a lecture about the power of biodiversity in slowing down the climate changes. Then we created a flower meadow. Our meadow will be a feeding base for various species of animals, especially insects (butterflies, beetles, bees). Other advantages of such meadows are a positive influence on retention of rainwater and absorbing air pollution. The meadow will soon provide us with aesthetic values as it is a place full of flowers, smells of them and variety of colours. The second stage of our work was planting a hedge as a type of animal-friendly fence. Our hedge will also provide us with aesthetic values as well as a noise isolation and wind protection. It is a habitat and a corridor allowing animals to move and a feeding place at the same time. Its function is to store rainwater and to purify air.

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