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Month: November 2022


Actions for the Earth within the Erasmus+ Programme

Since September 2022, the students and teachers from Seweryn Goszczyński High School have been working on the project „Take Action for The Earth”. The students have been participating in theme lectures as well as meetings with environmentalists. On the 8th of November they took part in the lecture entitled „Wetlands, climate, people” which was led by habilitated doctor Wiktor Kotowski who works in the Department of Environmental Protection at the Warsaw University.

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Our school

Seweryn Goszczyński High School is the oldest school  in Nowy Targ district. The construction of the school’s building began in 1906. At present the school is an educational institution preparing students very well for studies at the best Polish universities.

In all grades students learn two foreign languages: English and one of the following: Spanish, French, German or Italian, as their second foreign language.

Currently we are enrolling students in the following forms:

– humanities

– English/Spain/German & geography

– mathematics, physics & IT

– biology & chemistry

Among the above mentioned there are matura preparation classes, sports classes, school trips, exhibitions, lectures and visits to museums, theatres and laboratories. Our pupils successfully participate in school contests in such fields as Mathematic, History, Social Studies, Polish and they also win prizes. Additionally,  they take part in various sports competitions.

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