Friday, May 24, 2024

With Erasmus to Greece

Between 10 and 17 October 12 students from our school participated in a trip to Greece within Erasmus+ programme „Take Action For The Earth”. During it, the youth had a chance to visit a lot of places such as Athens, Olympia, Nafpaktos and Messologi as well as take part in lectures concerning environmental protection against harmful human activity, producing microplastics and water, air and soil pollution. The lecture in the Biology Department at the University of Patra gained most recognition. The group also visited the botany and zoology museum at the same university. During the workshops in Greek laboratories, the students tested samples of water which came from three different sources and analyzed the differences between preparations. The participants had also an excursion to the place where salt is extracted on the basis of evaporation from brine in the lagoons near Mesologgi.

While walking around swampy grass, they could notice and admire endangered species of animals, which live in freshwater reservoirs, typical for this area. A trip to Panachaiko mountains and Strofylia National Park provided students with unforgettable views as well as precious knowledge about ecosystems, which was presented to them by the workers of the  environmental center. At school, they had a chance to work in international groups and participate in lessons of Greek literature, mathematics and Greek language. The students lived in houses of their Greek partners thanks to which they could get to know  the habits and traditions of this beautiful country and its inhabitants. They have also made friends with both Greek and French peers which, hopefully, will remain in their memories for a long time. Being in a foreign country, helped them master language skills mainly in English, which was used during the whole journey. The project was supervised by two representatives of our school – Mrs Joanna Wagner-Podlipni and Mrs Agnieszka Paprocka-Maciaś. The last project meeting will be held in our school in February 2024.  We are looking forward to welcoming our guests. The project has been financed by the European Union.

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