Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cleaning up the world brings people together

On the 14th of September, 2023, students taking part in the Erasmus+ project „Take action for the Earth” had a meeting with Mr Krzysztof Przybyła, the worker of the forest district of Nowy Targ. The forester in a clear and interesting way explained how important the peatbogs, located in the reserve „Bór na Czerwonem”, are for the environment. The students got to know how and why the reserve was created and why they were surrounded by trenches. Mr Przybyła informed the participants that the reserve in Nowy Targ was included in the list of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, equivalent of UNESCO. Bór na Czerwonem is one of the 19 which were selected from Poland.

Coming back from the lecture with the forester, the participants of Erasmus+ project „Take action for the earth” took part in the 30th edition of the action „Cleaning up the world brings people together”. Heading for school from the reserve „Bór na Czerwonem” they were picking rubbish lying along the Dunajec River all the way up to our school. Four bags of trash were collected (around 50 bottle caps and 300 cigarette butts). It is quite satisfactory that the amount of rubbish was smaller than during the previous action „Clean river” during which 7 garbage bags were filled and segregated.

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