Friday, April 12, 2024
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The influence of the climate on glaciers

On the 8th of November a group of students consisting of learners from classes 3b, 1h and the participants of Erasmus project, took part in a lecture “The influence of the climate on glaciers” which took place in Academy Of Applied Sciences in Nowy Targ. Dr Jakub Małecki, the lecturer, told everyone, in a very interesting way, about his experiences on Svalbard during glaciers research and work on climate changes. The audience was impressed by the changes of glaciers’ sizes in the world. Over the years and being exposed to rising temperatures, it could be noticed how quickly the biggest freshwater reserves on Earth – glaciers – have been shrinking. Surely, after that lecture, everyone left the hall being convinced that all the actions taken in order to save our planet and stop the climate change are justified and that it is never too late to start acting even more eagerly. In fact, we should begin to work on these issues immediately.

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